Wednesday, 6 November 2013

More Modal Perfects

Must have, Can't have, or Needn't have Exercises
Must have + past participle: to say that you're sure something was true or happened.
eg. It's 10.30 and Mike still isn't at the office. I think he must have overslept.

Can't/Couldn't have + past participle:
to say that you're sure something wasn't true or didn't happen.
eg. Theresa walked past me without saying a word. She can't have seen me.

Needn't have + past participle:

to talk about an action which was done but which was unnecessary.
eg. You needn't have gone to the supermarket. We've still got plenty of food.

Exercise 1.

Complete the sentences with must have, can't have, or needn't have, + past participle.

1. Jamie passed his exam with a distinction. He __________ (study) very hard.

2. We found the exam extremely easy. We __________ (study) so hard.

3. Janet failed her exam. She __________ (study) much.

4. We __________ (hurry). We got there far too early.

5. Neil's looking very happy. He __________ (get) the payrise he wanted.

6. Neil's looking very annoyed. He __________ (get) the payrise he wanted.

7. I can't find my book anywhere. I __________ (leave) it on the train.

8. You __________ (make) lunch. We've already eaten.

Exercise 2.

1. I think the match __________ (start). Everybody's gone into the stadium and you can hear them cheering.

2. Have you seen the Prime Minister's new house? It __________ (cost) a fortune!

3. Karen __________ (take) the car. The keys are still here.

4. You __________ (water) the garden. It's just started raining!

5. In the end Gary's injury wasn't very serious and the doctor said he could keep on playing football. We __________ (worry) so much.

6. Tina's cake was a disaster. She __________ (follow) the recipe very well.

7. In the end it didn't rain, so I __________ (bring) my brolly*.

8. "I saw Grace this morning at the bank".
- "You __________ (do)! She's away on her honeymoon. You __________ (see) someone else."

* brolly = umbrella


Exercise 1.
1. must have studied
2. needn't have studied
3. can't/couldn't have studied
4. needn't have hurried
5. must have got
6. can't/couldn't have got
7. must have left
8. needn't have made

Exercise 2.
1. must have started
2. must have cost
3. can't/couldn't have taken
4. needn't have watered
5. needn't have worried
6. can't/couldn't have followed
7. needn't have taken
8. can't have done; must have seen

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